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The Bronco statue

Santa Clara University
Associated Student Government

Helping The Bronco Experience

The Santa Clara mission, with a palm tree and the top of the mission popping out of the frame

Our Mission

We, the Associated Student Government of SCU,

strive to better the Santa Clara Community through advocacy for and representation of the undergraduate student body’s diverse issues, concerns, and needs.


A picture of the mission with a yellow overlay. Lilly and Jenna cutout in front of the yellow backdrop.


Leadership in Action. The Executive Branch is the force dedicated to enhancing the student body's journey at Santa Clara.  

Two senators in front of a picture of senate meeitng


Your Voice. Our Mission. Senate is committed to representing the student body and sparking positive change throughout the SCU community. 

An associate justice standing in front of an image of a senate meeitng


Balancing Fairness and Integrity. The Judicial Branch is responsible for safeguarding the principles of justice and ensuring accountability in ASG. 


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