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About ASG

Learn about Santa Clara’s Associated Student Government

ASG's Vision

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As the recognized central student organization, the Associated Student Government of Santa Clara University will facilitate campus collaboration and will promote the interest of students to further cultivate an engaged and conscientious community of students.

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We work to facilitate change and provide awareness through active outreach to the student body and cohesiveness with university administration.

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We encourage student involvement and leadership development through registered student organizations, university committees, positions, and active engagement within the Santa Clara community

Bridging The Gap

The Student Body President and VP Platform


It is critical, as the representatives of the student body, that we prioritize transparency across all sectors of student issues including finances and education. There have been issues in the past where student leaders have been left in the dark, such as not receiving reimbursements promptly. This leads to a lack of trust in the university, and we will help counter this.


With the strategic plan being announced, we feel that this is a wonderful opportunity to continue to uplift students needs. Additionally, the university is constantly undergoing changes, and we feel it is our responsibility to keep all individuals informed and inspired. We hope to increase student representation on university committees and hold admin accountable for promises made.


A large aspect of the Prez/VP role is listening. We must first take a step back to learn what students are experiencing, and consequently advocating to fix present issues. We always strive to find tangible ways that administration and students can work together. We look forward to strengthening interclub relations and inviting other student leaders to ASG meetings to foster collaboration.

Get Involved

Interested in working to create a better Santa Clara? Fill out the ASG General Interest Form - no commitment required. 

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